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Ways and methods of self development


The best way for self-development “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is one of the famous quotes about everything! Without putting the right goal and the relevant process for it, you won’t achieve any goal! Let’s see how we can use goal setting in self-development methods. Goal or no Goal! All of want to be a better person, but most of us fail about that.


I know that you heard about your friend who lost some weight for a period of time, and then he gained the same weight again (or maybe his weight exceeded more than before). The reason is he chose body development method, not whole self-development way. And the way for that is to put a Goal related to the 4 area of Goal setting method.


Covey’s successful habits In 1989, Stefan covey wrote his famous book “ The 7 habits of highly effective people “, which became one of the most effective books in human self-development for persons and even for companies. One of the main points of this book is how to put the right goal, not just a goal. He mentioned that if you want to set a goal, your goal should reach 4 areas, Heart, mind, soul, and body. If your goal about one area (like body), you will fail. But if the goal integrates between the 4 areas, you will succeed and achieve a real personal development. Goal setting


So, if you want to make a difference in your life, and choose a new way for self-development, you knew the secret, it should consist of 4 parts. Bring pen and paper and let’s see:

1- Body: There are many examples for body goals like weight loss, heading to the gym or to be healthier. Choose what is suitable for you, and that’s the first step in Goal setting, not the whole thing.

2-Soul: Feeding your soul is very important. Our life full of obstacles hardships and materialism, if we ignore our souls, we won’t feel real happiness. Constant praying is critical for our life balance; make a goal that you won’t ignore praying times.

3- Heart: Relationships are your window to life. If you have good friends who help you in your life, you can achieve your goals easily and vice versa. Preview your nearest relationships, and choose what push you forward not the opposite.

4-Mind: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” Knowledge is power, and it powers your life-changing steps. Choose a list of books and courses, and make a daily habit called “Never stop learning”


Frankly, You are the responsible for yourself development, not the society of any other factor. Set an integrated goal, and do it now. Of course, you can edit it through your journey, but it should be focused on the 4 parts. This is the best way to change your life

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