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How to treat depression


How to treat depression

Depression is a mental health condition that is marked by a feeling of isolation, sadness, and despair. It generally affects how a person feels, thinks and function. The depression condition can become serious in such a way that it affects a person daily life and in many cases, people think of even committing suicide. Some people confuse depression with sadness or grief that could be caused by circumstances such as death.

Discouragement can be activated by distressing encounters and may go with perpetual diseases or torment. More established individuals who are socially confined will probably encounter it. Ladies seem, by all accounts, to be at higher hazard than men. A hereditary inclination and levels of temperament chemicals, for example, serotonin, may likewise assume parts.

There are many types of depression. This may include mild and Bipolar depression. Bipolar is caused by a condition called the Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a lifelong disease which affects the brain causing severe mood swings.


Causes of depression

It’s important to understand what the cause is so that you understand how to treat depression.  However, the cause of depression has not been fully understood. Most scientists think it an imbalance of brains signaling chemicals.

In any case, there are a few hypotheses about what this imbalance really is and which flagging chemicals are included. In addition, an assortment of upsetting life circumstances is additionally related, including early adolescence injury, a vocation misfortune, the demise of a friend or family member, budgetary inconveniences or a separation.

In all probability, discouragement is caused by a blend of hereditary, organic, natural, and mental components, as per the NIMH.

Certain medical conditions may likewise trigger depression, including an underactive thyroid organ, coronary illness, delayed torment and other critical diseases. Hormonally instigated gloom can emerge after labor or at menopause too.

Symptoms of depression

Depression help is very important. It’s good to understand the symptoms so that we can how to treat depression

  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Restlessness and a lower sex drive
  • Lack of ability to make decisions and focus
  • Sleeping too much
  • Lack of appetite and appetite loss
  • Feeling worthless
  • Withdrawing from your normal activities
  • Feeling tired and not having energy




Depression treatment

  1. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is now and then called “talking treatment.” It is utilized to treat mellow and direct types of sorrow. An authorized psychological wellness proficient enables individuals with sorrow to concentrate on practices, feelings, and thoughts that add to discouragement. They likewise enable the discouraged individual to recognize and comprehend life issues that add to their ailment keeping in mind the end goal to empower them to recapture a feeling of control. Psychotherapy should be possible on an individual or gathering premise and can incorporate relatives and life partners. It is regularly the main line of treatment for discouragement.


  1. Use of Antidepressants

There are different antidepressants that one can use. In order to understand how to treat depression with the right medicine you need to understand the following:

  • Your specific symptoms. Indications of sorrow can change, and one energizer may diminish certain side effects superior to another. For instance, on the off chance that you experience difficulty resting, an upper that is marginally quieting might be a decent alternative.
  • Side effects. Reactions of antidepressants fluctuate starting with one prescription then onto the next and from individual to individual. Irksome reactions, for example, dry mouth, weight pick up, or sexual symptoms can make it hard to stay with treatment. Examine conceivable real symptoms with your specialist or drug specialist.


  • Whether the dosage has worked before for a relative. How a prescription functioned for a first-degree relative, for example, a parent or kin, can demonstrate how well it may function for you. Additionally, if an upper has been powerful for your despondency previously, it might function admirably once more.
  • How your body reacts to A few antidepressants can cause perilous responses when brought with different pharmaceuticals.


Most recommended antidepressants are:


  1. Electroconvulsive treatment Electroconvulsive treatment (ECT)

This is a system in which of an electric current is utilized to deliver a seizure to the patient. It is trusted that ECT brings about the arrival of chemicals in the cerebrum that guides correspondence between nerves. It is utilized for serious types of misery and is once in a while utilized as a part of patients with epilepsy.



  1. Alternative medications

Alternative medications can some of the time give help that customary western drug can’t. While some option medications have turned out to be acknowledged as a major aspect of present-day human services rehearse, despite everything others have not been demonstrated sheltered and viable.

Regardless of whether they are deductively powerful, alternative treatments—by giving types of unwinding and help from push—have a place in recuperating and general wellbeing and prosperity. Cases of option treatments incorporate needle therapy, guided symbolism, chiropractic medicines, yoga, trance, biofeedback, fragrance based treatment, unwinding, homegrown cures, rub, and numerous others.


  1. Hormone substitution treatment (HRT) in ladies

Depression is more typical in ladies than in men. Changes in temperament with the premenstrual disorder (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric issue (PMDD), after labor, and following menopause are altogether connected with sudden drops in hormone levels.

Hormone substitution is a treatment as of now used to assuage indications of menopause, for example, night sweats and hot flashes. By utilizing HRT, ladies can help anticipate osteoporosis and potentially lessen memory misfortune. There are many favorable circumstances to utilizing HRT for assuaging side effects of menopause; and despite the fact that they may, later on, be found to help dejection in a few ladies, these hormones can really add to despondency. Make sure to tell your specialist on the off chance that you have had melancholy earlier and are thinking about HRT.

How long does depression last with treatment?

Generally if left untreated depression can take up to 8 months. Treatment helps reduce this duration. However, the time taken during treatment varies depending on the patient. Normally a normal patient under treatment will take about three weeks to full recovery. Severe cases can take up to 2 months.


Depression is a serious disease like any other. It should be treated with seriousness and with care also. Patients with depression go through a lot of unknown problems to them. In order to understand how to treat depression, you need to understand the type of depression one is suffering from.

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