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What is the disorder of depression and symptoms

Feeling tired , anxious , unhappy ,lost interest in activities that you used to find pleasurable ? and without a clear cause ?
It could be a sign that you might have a depression, also known as Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a mental disorder in which the person experiences intense feelings of sadness and low mood for almost every day and those symptoms will be present for at least two weaks.
Depression can negatively affects a person’s life, from his social life to work . Between 2-7% of adults with major depression die by suicide, and up to 60% of people who die by suicide had depression or another mood disorder.
There are common symptoms of major depressive disorder, a person with MDD should have at least experienced five of them for each day including :
• Feeling sad, fatigue and lazy to do any kind of work all the time .
• No more interested in your enjoyable activities as your hobbies.
• Feeling of wothlessness, helplessnes, guilt and low self confident .
• Changing in your appetite ( gain or loose weight ).
• Less or more hours of sleep .
• Having difficulties on concentrating or remembering things.
• Thoughts of harming yourself or committing suicide.

However there are no specific causes to this mental illness , but science showed that a combination of genetic and social factors can devolop a depression .
MDD may also be caused by :
• alcohol or drugs
• internet addiction
• child abuse ( is also associated with increased risk of developing depressive disorders later in life)
• violence (physical ,emotional,sexuel )

to get better ,there are several ways to get out of depression, many people use a combination of treatments, such as medication and psychotherapy,
talk therapy :
it’s a common treatment for mentel illnes , many studies have found that talk therapy or psycotherapy, can help treat depression ,it is an affective way to handle MDD and provide you with skills and confidence, also it is an empowering experience. Of course, the treatment should be taken for a long period of time to see the results. But the big question that came into person’s mind is : what kind of therapist should i see for depression ?
there are Various kinds of mental health specialists offer talk therapy:
 Psychiatrists : A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who treats mental illnesses. some psychiatrists prescribe only medication, other offer talk therapy too .
 Psychologists : A psychologist can help you learn how to manage your depression and teach you ways to cope.
 Social laborers, guides, or advisors :These psychological wellness experts can likewise enable you to figure out how to oversee discouragement and show you adapting aptitudes.
Medications :
If talk therapy doesn’t work , medications could be an other source of treatment, but you should not take any kind of medecines before seeing your doctore who will decide which medecine to take and how much dose considering your case. There are many differents antidepressants that your doctor can choose from. They include:
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) :
• escitalopram

Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) :
• desvenlafaxine
• duloxetine
• levomilnacipran
• venlafaxine
Tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) :
• amitriptyline
• amoxapine
• clomipramine
• desipramine
• doxepin

taking medications will not Guarantees 100 % the treatment, it may work for some while others not, but it all depends on the person persistance and patient to get out of depression and remember that believing in yourself will surely get you the best results.

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